Benefits of Marsden PTS Scale

Cut times on your critical care pathway

Getting an accurate weight quickly can help save a life. Weighing a patient during lateral transfer means that no additional time is added to a care pathway. ‘Door to Needle’ times can be reduced. Healthcare professionals can administer drug dosages or medication with the maximum of confidence and minimum of fuss.

Weigh with dignity; better patient care

Weighing as part of an existing process means the stress of weighing the patient is reduced. No need for the cumbersome, difficult process of hoisting a patient to weigh them, and no compromise on their dignity. Take the scale to the patient, not the patient to the scale. The result is a better experience for both patient and staff.

Reduce costs throughout the hospital

It currently takes two or more staff ten to twenty minutes to hoist an immobile patient, or position a bed scale, to get a weight. The PTS weighs a patient during the existing process of lateral transfer. Therefore, staff costs are reduced throughout the hospital or care home - particularly Emergency, ICU, HDU, Stroke, Cardiac, Spinal, Renal and X-ray.

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